Chorti® Fair Trade Guatemala Coffee


An exceptional coffee produced by Maya Chorti families and distributed using short channels.


Very high quality single origin 100% Arabica This coffee is full of flavour, light bodied, low in caffeine and with no bitterness, making it easy to digest.

Presented with the Superior Taste Award 2013 by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels.


A citizen-based, socially responsible and multinational cooperative.


CAFE CHORTI is a limited liability cooperative company with a social purpose. Based in Belgium, it brings together growers, processors, distributors and consumers. Belgians and Guatemalans find themselves side by side at a single general meeting, and transparency and the participation of each member are guaranteed. This simple yet innovative scheme shows real progress in terms of fair trade, as all of the players involved have access to all information and can participate in decision making.


An economic activity that respects people and their environment. Together, Belgians and Guatemalans, professionals and coffee-lovers are developing an independent company that must be profitable. Money is a tool, not an end in itself.